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What are some of the best marriage proposals?


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    What are some creative marriage proposal ideas?


    The best proposals are generally those where it’s something sentimental or meaningful to (that couple).
    It may take place where they went on their very first date, it might have something to do with a conversation they had long ago…etc
    It can be as simple as serving your mate breakfast in bed with mimosas and a small sealed card with the proposal inside.
    Ultimately {knowing your partner very well} will let you know what (they) would appreciate.

    Personally I would avoid the large “jumbo screen” or public proposals.
    Those are usually done by people who fear their mate will reject them.
    They propose in front of friends, family, or strangers to pressure them into saying “yes” to avoid looking heartless.

    Unlike the movies most marriage proposals are NOT a “surprise” they’re (expected) after a certain amount of time together.
    If you haven’t had discussions about getting married or talked about being together until you’re old and gray: Don’t propose!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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