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Female Coworker Glances At Me

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    There’s this woman from my job who I’ve caught glancing me when I’m not looking and turning away when I see her or turn around. Sometimes she avoids eye contact altogether and ignores me. She keeps her distance but she’s usually close by. On the subway after work she always enters the same train car as me (Sometimes enters through the same entrance behind me) and often takes a seat not too close or too far where I’m in her line of sight. I’ve had several conversations with her where she smiles and maintains eye contact when I speak to her but she seems nervous or anxious. She tends to laugh at some of the things I say or do even though I didn’t mean to be funny. She rarely says anything to me besides Hey or good morning to me unless I talk to her first or asks me question. I also tend to run/bump into her a couple of times, one time when she brushed my arm. I’m attracted to her but I don’t date women from my job as general rule, does anyone have advice on how I handle this?


    ” I don’t date women from my job as general rule.” – That’s a good rule to follow.

    Truth is most dating relationships do not lead to marriage or living happily ever after.
    Therefore there is a real possibility anyone you get involved with is going to end in a breakup.
    It’s also very unlikely such a breakup would be truly “mutual”.
    Having to see someone who dumped you or a person you dumped at work every single day can cause problems.
    If you love where you work it’s a good idea not to do anything that may disturb the harmony you have.

    The best work dating relationships are usually within a large company with several divisions.
    The two people rarely see one another during the course of a day or week because they don’t work in the same area.

    Ultimately life is a gamble and if you think she might be “the one” then you may decide to throw caution out the window.
    However if you only see her as being “low hanging fruit” or just something to do for fun it’s not worth the risk.


    I always worry that if you are attracted to them you can over “imagine” their interactions with you as something more when the reality is it’s just coincidence/polite colleague interactions.

    Has anyone familiar with the situation noticed her behaviour? An impartial third set of eyes would be useful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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