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Should I hold my friend's(female) hand while watching a movie ?

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    There is this girl in my class that I liked since the beginning but I never let her know about the same. We became very good friends at one point. I once even lied to her about me liking this other girl because I thought she might stop talking to me if she comes to know that I like her. Now , the school is getting over and we might never meet again! I was thinking about asking her to go on a movie with me after the exams and in the middle of the movie hold her hand …
    Will that be too awkward for both of us ?
    Since we will probably never meet again that is why I am thinking that I should go for it !
    She has been nice to me all this time and she is very friendly too!
    What if when I hold her hand she ask me “What are you trying to do ?” or pulls her hand away …
    I am really confused about this!
    How should I ask her for movie so that she doesn’t bring our friends with her !
    What if she says that she doesn’t want to go on a movie ?
    Please help!


    You have been waiting for to Long and you should be Lucky the girl has not giving up on you

    So this is what u need to do

    1 go to the girl how u feel about her all this time and also trll her u would love it if she goes with u to the movies

    and you want to be with her alone

    if she is how you describe her every thing should fall in place

    good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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